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French electrical certification, mandatory training to work in France (NF-C18 510, NF-C18 550, NF-C15 100)

From MARGUBE, we want to communicate you that we have adapted our training services to give you the option of following the training in tele-working format. Through our virtual class, you can attend online in several courses about French Electrical Certifications.

We offer you these options:

  • Easy access to virtual class with PC, mobile phone or tablet.
  • Online training.
  • Questions can be answered by the trainer via chat, microphone or webcam.
  • Virtual flip-chart, simplicity to share documents, videos and other media.
  • Option to record class for later viewing and training.
  • Business cases and practises.

More than 400 people are already satisfied with MARGUBE thanks to this training option.

We remind you the specific trainings MARGUBE can offer you for French Electrical Certifications:

  • Non-electrical Operations in Electrical environment following NF-C 18 510.
  • High and Low Voltage following NF-C 18 510.
  • Electrical Vehicle following NF-C 18 550.
  • New training: Electrical Distribution Facilities Network following NF-C 15 100.

To remark that these trainings can be delivered in Spanish, English and French with our own MARGUBE Trainers Team, homologated for French regulation.

We also point out that there is the option of delivering several trainings at the same time.

Most important points for those trainings are as follows:

Those training are mandatory for all Companies willing to work in France and are under French Legislation NF-C 18 510, NF-C 18 550 and NF-C 15100.

To whom are addressed those trainings?

To every Company of Electrical Facilities, equipment assembly and maintenance, renewable energies: fotovoltaic, wind parks, electrical vehicle… who want to open markets or are already working in France and need to qualify their Employees for it.

Which documentation is mandatory for each attendant?

  • Habilitation/Qualify Card:It is the recognition of the Company, through its manager, and authorizes its Workers to complete the described tasks with the demanded safety measures on electrical risk in France.

What does it need to contain ?

– Signature from the Company.

– Signature from authorized Person.

– Date and validity for three years.

  • Homologating Certificate following the French regulation: This document evidences the Worker performed the training successfully.

Both documents are requested by French Companies to their Clients or suppliers in order to be able to work in France.

If you need any further information please contact us

+34- 688 829 153 / +34 943 202 818 / Or email to l.susilla@margube.com


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